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Membership Application & Renewal

New Membership

Membership in W.A.R.A is open to anyone interested in amateur radio however, all applicants must be vetted and approved by the executive committee. You may apply for membership to W.A.R.A. here. 

Full Member: Apply for this membership package if you hold a valid amateur radio operator’s license issued by the Commonwealth of Dominica. This membership package offers you all membership rights, privileges and benefits.

Associate Member: Any person interested in amateur radio may apply for this membership package. If you are not a locally licensed ham but are interested in becoming a member, select this package. This package allows you to participate in all association's activities and gives you full access to our online Ham Radio School. Associate members cannot vote nor participate in WARA's equipment loan program.

Family Membership: Apply for this package if you, your spouse and/or children are licensed amateurs and desire full membership. This package is for a family including spouse, and children all licensed and living in the same household. Each family member is a full member with all rights and privileges. Fees are $100.00 for the first member and $50.00 for each additional full member.

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