WARA currently operates one analogue repeater, callsign J73W, and two cross-band repeaters. The repeater serves the greater metropolitan area of Roseau. One cross-band repeater serves the northwest part of the island including the second town of Portsmouth. The other serves the south of the island. Both cross-band repeaters are linked to the main repeater J73W.

Our repeater system can be accessed via Echolink (J73W) and IRLP (node 7371).

Installing repeater at Mt. Espagnol in northern Dominica
Installing repeater at Glasgow near Canefield.
Installing repeater at Mt. Canot in southern Dominica

WARA will soon be adding two Yaesu System Fusion II repeaters on the UHF band. These repeaters will be linked digitally. Frequencies will be made available as soon as the installations are complete.

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Are you new to ham radio or are you having problems programming your new Chinese made Baofeng radio? WARA has made programming your hand held radio easy. Simply download this file and upload it to your radio using your programming cable and CHIRP software. All of Dominica’s amateur radio repeaters and the important ones of neighbouring islands are included. We have also included a few other frequencies which may be of interest. Please note that you must be adequately licensed to transmit on these frequencies.

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WARA members usually monitor the 40m frequency of 7.171 MHz. We hold formal nets on this frequency every Sunday at 8:00 am.

WARA has officially launched the Winlink Wednesday net. Click here for more details.


    • VHF/UHF weekday evening net
    • Weekend NBEMS net