WARA launches new Winlink net

Waitukubuli Amateur Radio Association (WARA) has launched a new net called Winlink Wednesday. Winlink Wednesday is a weekly amateur radio digital net which utilizes the Winlink global email via amateur radio system as a means of communication. 

Anyone with a valid amateur radio license is free to get a Winlink account and participate in this net.

The primary purpose of Winlink Wednesday is to encourage the regular use of the Winlink system among amateur radio operators in Dominica and the Eastern Caribbean. Operators from outside of the Eastern Caribbean region are welcome to participate as long as they wish but are encouraged to start a similar net in their own region to broaden the use of Winlink even further. Regular practice in the use of Winlink is encouraged, in all of its various modes currently available to the end-user, as well as any modes that may be developed by the Winlink Development Team or acquired by the amateur in the future.

For more information on this net, please visit the Winlink Wednesday page at https://warainc.org/winlink-wednesday