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[Sticky] NBEMS Nets  


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10/06/2019 5:00 pm  

WARA will begin a weekly NBEMS net on its 2m and 70cm repeater frequencies of 444.7 and 146.56 MHz on Saturday, June 15, 2019, at 8:00 pm local. We also plan to convene an HF NBEMS net in the near future in order to accommodate check-ins from the region.

The acceptable net preamble and format is as follows:

WARA Narrow Band Emergency Messaging System or NBEMS (pronounced N-beams) Net


(Italicized words below are instructions for the net control operator, they are not to be read aloud. Brackets denote actions for the net control operator and are not to be read aloud) 

[note time] 

Does anyone need to use the repeater before beginning the WARA N-beams Net? 

Listen for about 5 seconds. 

Calling the Waitukubuli Amateur Radio Association Inc N-beams Net. This is [call sign], my name is [firstname]. We are operating from [your location]. Our relay station is [relay's call sign]. The purpose of this Net is to provide N-beams training for amateur radio operators, to exchange amateur radio related information, message traffic and bulletins. This is a directed net, all traffic must go through the net control station. Stations not participating are requested to stand by until this net is completed. Stations with emergency or priority traffic may break in at any time. This net meets every Saturday night at 20:00 local time on this WARA 444.7 repeater with PL of 103.5. In the event the repeater is not directly accessible, access can be gained via the 146.56 simplex cross band repeater also with a PL of 103.5. All amateur operators are welcome to participate.

Instructions for participants

All participating stations are required to run FLDigi and FLMsg software and place them in MT63-2KL mode. If you are using the Android AndFLMsg app, put it in the MT63_2000_LG mode. All digital transmissions will be made in MT63 2000 Long Interleave mode. Please transmit messages only when requested to do so by the net controller. If you require clarification or assistance, please inform the net control operator.

Please stand by as the net controller sends these instructions via N-beams.

[Send above instructions via MT63]

Did anyone not receive the last transmission and would require a retransmission? Please give your call sign.

[ Wait for stations to request a repeat. Acknowledge each station the repeat transmission. If stations still did not receive, assign a station to qsy to a simplex frequency to assist.]

The net now asks for stations who would like to send a message to please check in now.

[ Make a list of all checked in stations]

[call sign] please go ahead and transmit your message

[ask for stations who require retransmission and have station retransmit. Go through entire list of checked in stations. Once list is exhausted repeat request for other stations who would like to send a message and repeat procedure until no one has messages to send]

The net will now transmit its weekly bulletin. Please stand by to receive.

[transmit bulletin if available and ask for stations who require repeat]

We would like to thank all stations for participating in this week's WARA N-beams net. The net will convene again next week at the same time on the same frequencies. This is [call sign] closing the net and returning the frequencies to general amateur radio use. 


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